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You crazy thing

Bitches of the Tamagotchi
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We are slaves to the Beeping Pixel Love. Join us.

When it hatches, you know it's right...

Official Club Pledge
(Consider carefully!)
I long to be a proud parent of a Tamagotchi
To hold the pixels in my arms
To love, to cherish,
Till death or mysterious vanishing after it bears a child do we part
I long to hear the beeping sounds
And lead my child to jump over the hurdles of life
And dance to the sweet music of existance
And praise it in sadness and woe
I long to hold it close to me
And go out into the world and search for an aquaintence
A buddy, a friend, a gentle touch
A partner to continue the beautiful chain of digital gods
I long to wipe the poo from the screen
And feed it snacks until it smiles
And follow with a shot for the toothache
I know that my tamagotchi will need love and affection for 22 hours of the day
And I accept full responsibility if it means
I will have virtual love and companionship for the rest of my days